Our Religious Education program (CCD) is for all children from Kindergarten to eighth grade.  The program has class from 9 am to 10:15 am on Sunday mornings.   Kathy McDonough leads our religious education for the children.  She is assisted by many volunteer teachers who have years of training and experience.  They are a dedicated and capable group of educators for our children.  All of our teachers are VIRTUS compliant.

Religious Education Teachers

Teachers for 2021-22


Name Email
Brooke Lengle Brooke.lengle@gmail.com
Sara Browne Saraalicia11@gmail.com
Olivia (Libby) Cooper Souderolivia01@@gmail.com
Karen Gordon 120@gmail.com
Elizabeth Gordon Elizabethgordon678@gmail.com
Rose Mulberry Rlhite2@yahoo.com
Lourdes Munguia Lmunguia71@yahoo.com
Pat McDonough pkmcd1989@gmail.com
VeyAnn Henry v.henryfarm@gmail.com
Kathy McDonough Katemcdonough12349@gmail.com
Fr. Benton bentoncsr@gmail.com
Suzi Noel Suzinoel17@gmail.com