The St. William / St. John Mission Parish Council serves as an advisory board to our pastor, Father Benton Clift.  The provide guidance for the functioning, upkeep and strategic direction of our parish.

The Council meets every first Wednesday after the 6:00 pm Mass.  Council members are selected for three year terms.  All are welcome to attend Parish Council meetings.

Parish Council Member Profiles

Suzi Noel

Pam Saylor

Jim Shields

Shannon Burk

NEXT MEETING June 2, 2021 @ 6:30 p.m. 




May 5, 2021


The monthly meeting of the St. William/St. John Parish Pastoral Council was held on May 5, 2021, at St. William Church, Williamstown, KY, at 6:30 p.m.


Members present:  Father Clift, Roger Frisch, Jim Shields, Pam Saylor, Shannon Burk, Kim Albers, Pat McDonough, Kathy McDonough, and Scott Lengle.


Carol Rector attended the pastoral council meeting.


The minutes from the March 31, 2021, council meeting were reviewed and approved by council.


The meeting was called to order at 6:41 p.m.


Old Business


  1. Part Time Office Help – Father Clift advised he has spoken to an interested candidate to assist in a part time basis with clerical duties. The position has not yet been officially filled.
  2. Painting of Class Rooms – Kim Albers stated she is awaiting two (2) painting companies cost estimates. She is also exploring the cost to replace blinds on certain windows.
  3. Fish Fry Volunteer Thank You Luncheon – It was reported the fish fry volunteer luncheon was a success and a good time was had by all.
  4. John Interior Lighting – Father Clift reported new LED interior lights have been installed to replace the old lighting. The new lighting is bright and an improvement.
  5. Fish Fry Shack – John Jump has not picked up the old fish fry shack as of yet.
  6. Mass Intentions – Father Clift advised the online giving programs/systems are often expensive to set up and maintain for mass intentions.





  1. William and St. John Project Tracker – Father Clift provided a two (2) page “Saint William and Saint John Project Tracker” spread sheet he created. Father Clift advised the spread sheet simply documents some of the goals and/or future projects he would like to perhaps see accomplished.  He advised some things listed are subject to DPAA rebates, Diocesan oversight/approval while some things can be done by members of our Parish.  Father Clift said, “If you don’t envision it, you don’t write it down, it will never happen.”  Council welcomed his thoughts on these goals and future projects.  A copy of this spreadsheet has been attached to these minutes.
  2. John Suggested Projects – Roger Frisch advised he had several projects he would like to see completed at St. John’s. Roger Frisch said he would email the list to Father Clift.  Some of the projects Roger Frisch mentioned include:
    • Rebuild all the windows at St. Johns—they don’t latch and they link—windows need some attention —could they be replaced with single stain glass?
    • New carpet or flooring of some type
    • Insulation in the attic
    • Back porch needs to be rebuilt
    • Interior Paint—-The new LED lighting has revealed the need to repaint the interior
    • Port o let Maintenance–The company currently servicing does not always do the best job.
    • Parking is an issue
  3. Lawn Maintenance – Father Clift advised Joey Saylor has been contracted to mow the grass at St. William.
  4. Parish Council – Roger Frisch informed council his second term is coming to an end in June 2021, and as such, he is stepping down from his position as the council representative of St. John.
  5. Garden – Father Clift advised once the old fry shack is removed, he would like to have a small greenhouse constructed to aid in growing flowers. These flowers would be used at St. William and St. John.  He advised the cost of flowers for masses is high and this ultimately could be a cost savings in the future.
  6. All Call System – Kim Albers said the all call (one call) system is not being used. Shannon Burk advised the parish is currently paying for the service.  Members of council suggest we should cancel the service.  Father Clift said it will be explored if we have the ability to cancel the service or if the parish is currently in an obligated contract.


Next MeetingThe next Council meeting will occur on June 2, 2021, at approximately 6:30 p.m.


The meeting was adjoined 7:27 p.m.




Respectfully Submitted,                                                                                                                  Scott Lengle