NEXT MEETING September 28, 2016 @ 6:30 p.m.




August 24, 2016


The regular monthly meeting of the St. William/St. John Parish Pastoral Council was held on August 24, 2016 at St. William Church, Donnelly Hall, Williamstown, KY, at 6:30 p.m.  Paul Mertz called the meeting to order.


Members Present:  Father Hils, Deacon Mike Lyman, Katie Clemons, Pam Saylor, Paul Mertz, Ken Henke, Pat McDonough, Scott Lengle, and Kathy McDonough (ex-officio)


Members absent: David Rose, Cathy Rose, Suzi Noel, Diane Pettit (ex-officio) and Judith Kirk (ex-officio).


Fr. Hils opened the meeting with prayer.



Old Business


  1. The U.S 25 sign is now up. Hils suggested the wooden posts the sign is attached to be painted white.  All members were agreeable to this.


  1. Updated Parish Council List – Diane Pettit revised the contact list on 7/27/16


  1. Blanchet Cemetery – Cemetery is located north of Corinth, KY, off of Blanchet Road. Currently no plots for sale.  The Parish is currently working with the Diocese about funds for upkeep of property


  1. Status of the Holy Water Fonts – Fr. Hils advised he is still brainstorming the dimensions of the font and the material it is to be constructed with. Hils explained he has a good idea of what the fonts will look like.


  1. William Roof and Pump – St. William is currently waiting on an assessment from a company the Diocese has used multiple times in the past for what is needed to repair/replace the roof. The repair work to fix the leaky basement has been completed.  A waterproof sealant has been placed/added over the block foundation and drainage pipe has been installed.  An outdoor sump pump has also been added.  The maintenance crew conducted this work at a fraction of the cost.  Currently, the maintenance crew is waiting for the dirt to settle before removing the visible dirt mounds.  Sod will be laid on or about that time.









  1. Parish Picnic/Festival – The date is set for September 18, 2016, starting at 1130 a.m. at St. William. Bring your own basket (BYOB) of food.  Drinks and ice cream provided.  Games, bounce house for kids and a corn hole tournament and more are expected.  An announcement will be in the next bulletin.


  1. Spiritual – Approximately six (6) persons are currently taking RCIA.


  1. New Bulletin, Web Site and Parish Logo – St. William/St. John will be switching to a new bulletin company. The new bulletin format will begin on 12/18/2016.  At this time, a Parish logo will be introduced.  The Parish logo is still being finalized.  On or about September 24, 2016, the web-site will be “re-launched.”  All members agreed that Pat McDonough has done an excellent job in creating the web-site.  Future plans for the web-site will allow for on-line giving/donating to the Parish.  Additionally, on-line menu ordering for the annual Fish Fry is being explored.





  1. Election of officers – Paul Mertz, interim President, was elected as President of Parish Council. All members approved.  Katie Clemons was elected Vice-President.  All members approved.  Diane Pettit was re-elected as secretary in her absence.  All members approved. Scott Lengle was elected as vice-secretary.  Again, all members approved.


  1. Spiritual – Adult education will begin on Thursday, September 22, 2016, starting at 7 p.m and ending at 8:30 p.m. A “Jeff Cavins” Bible study will occur during this time.  It will assist in understanding the message and meaning of God’s Word.  Sign up’s for this class will take place from September 3, 2016, through September 11, 2016.  Several additional books will be ordered for last minute sign up’s.


  1. Parish Group to the Ark Encounter – Ken Henke asked if a Parish group outing to the Ark Encounter was something that could be considered/explored. Members were somewhat receptive to the idea.

Fr. Hils explained that the Ark Encounter has a literal interpretation to the Bible which differs from the Catholic interpretation of the Bible.  As of now, nothing has been finalized or recommended.


  1. Exercise Class – Pam Saylor stated that Parishioner and exercise instructor Trish Merritt was interested in offering an aerobics/exercise class at William Church for a minimal fee with a percentage going towards the Parish.  All members approved.  Deacon Mike suggested a liability waiver







needs to first be explored prior to the start of class.  If the class proceeds, it would need to be held on a Monday or Tuesday evening as the Parish is used for other events/meetings throughout the week.



Next Meeting  The next meeting will be set for Wednesday, September 28, 2016, at 6:30 p.m.


Paul Mertz moved to adjourn the meeting. All were in favor.


A closing Prayer was led by Fr. Hils.



Respectfully Submitted,


Scott Lengle, Vice-Recording Secretary