NEXT MEETING May 24, 2017 @ 6:30 p.m.




April 26, 2017


The regular monthly meeting of the St. William/St. John Parish Pastoral Council was held on April 26, 2017, at St. William Church, Donnelly Hall, Williamstown, KY, at 6:30 p.m.  Paul Metz called the meeting to order.


Members present included: Fr. Hils, Deacon Lyman, Paul Merz, Pat McDonough, Kathy McDonough, Ted Kaiser, Roger Frisch, Scott Lengle, Ken Henke and Suzi Noel.


The meeting was called to order at 6:34 P.M by Pat McDonough.


Fr. Hils opened the meeting with prayer.


The minutes from the March meeting were reviewed.  Pat McDonough made a motion to approve the minutes and Suzi Noel seconded the motion.



Old Business



  1. Chicken Dinner – Nothing to report at this time.


  1. Fish Fry – Deacon Lyman advised the fish fry was very successful with a profit margin just over $18,000. This year proved to be the most successful year to date.


  1. Mary Statue – Fr. Hils is picking up the statue this upcoming Friday. He will bless the Statue upon return.  Hils and the Parish is seeking an Parishioner to donate $1,000 to cover the cost to replace the Statue.


  1. Johns Fence – Scott Lengle advised he will obtain an approximate cost to sandblast the fence so it can be prepped to be re-painted.





  1. Adult Bible Study – Class starts on April 27, 2017. There are approximately 30-35 people signed up for the class.
  2. Quarterly Financial Update – Deacon Lyman advised the St. William “building maintenance” collection has declined sharply. Deacon indicated some Parishioners have perhaps shifted their money to other giving (DPAA, etc.) as the Diocese has recently started to tax the fund.  The St. Johns “building maintenance” giving has also declined.  William’s third quarter overall offerings are down approximately $5,000, with $4,203 below budget after “adjusted” income.  St. Johns third quarter overall net income is down $1,804.  The “We Share” online program is going to be discontinued.  Our Parish is paying fees for the program is not generating any income.


  1. RCIA – Twelve (12) people will be coming into the Church.


  1. DPAA – Our Parish had our commitment weekend recently. Deacon Lyman reported we had 49 people pledge totaling around $14,000 to $15,000
  2. Safety Inspection – A Catholic Mutual Representative came to St. William recently. Some fire extinguishers need updated, nothing of major expense.  This inspection is done appx. every three years.


  1. Shredding Documents Day – This upcoming Sunday at 12 p.m until 2 p.m


  1. Work day – Will be held this upcoming Saturday to spruce up the grounds at St. William.


  1. Limited Parking at St. Johns – Ted Kaiser brought up his belief that there was very limited parking at St. Johns. People are parking in the grass or on the side of the street.  The parking lot has deteriorated and there are only approximately ten (10) spaces to park in.  Ted Kaiser said he would look into repairing and/or extending the parking lot to allow for more additional spaces.


  1. Vacation Bible School – Kathy McDonough is working on having the Bible School perhaps in the middle of July, tentatively July 10-July 14.


  1. Religion CCD – Ends May 14, 2017




Next MeetingThe next meeting will occur on May 24, 2017, at 6:30 p.m.


Motion to adjoin was made at 7:42 p.m. by Ted Kaiser and seconded by Scott Lengle.


A closing Prayer was led by Fr. Hils.


Respectfully Submitted,


Scott Lengle, Vice-Recording Secretary