A Children’s Liturgy is offered during the 10:30 am Sunday Mass at St. William. Children ages 4-6 are invited to join a designated teacher, who will present an age appropriate version of the readings with focus on the Gospel of the day.  This is followed by an activity to help the children understand the Scriptures on their level.  The children gather at the beginning of the First Reading and are led to a designated area for the Children’s Liturgy.  They rejoin their families and the main congregation at the beginning of the Offertory.

 September 16th     Donna Schulcz

 September 23rd     Trish Merritt

 September 30th     Heather Haar


October 7th        Rose Mulberry

October 14th      Amy Gutman

October 21st      Olivia Souder

October 28th      Suzi Noel