St. William

Adult Faith Formation–  One of the ways we grow in holiness is by coming to know our faith better, that we might love our faith more, and in such a way strengthen our desire to follow Jesus and give praise to God. This January 4th, we will start a new Bible study. Join with others in the parish to explore your faith.  So many wonderful opportunities to find out why you love your Faith. It’s never to late to start!

Come and learn more, and, in some cases refresh your memory.  Enjoy the fellowship as we, all together, continue our journey towards heaven!

The Catechism of the Catholic Church

The List of Popes

Church History

The 21 Ecumenical Councils

Opportunities are provided throughout the year for adults to grow in their faith on a variety of fronts.  For all of us, growth in our faith occurs through greater understanding, of scripture and Church teachings, an improved prayer life leading to greater reflection and devotion, and practice of our faith through service and sacrifice.  Adult faith discussion groups are held typically during the Advent and Lenten seasons.  Parish retreats are provided periodically.

For information on faith formation opportunities contact Father Hils or Deacon Mike.