The St. William / St. John Mission Parish Council serves as an advisory board to our pastor, Father Damian Hils.  The provide guidance for the functioning, upkeep and strategic direction of our parish.

The Council meets every fourth Wednesday at 6:30pm.  Council members are selected for three year terms.  All are welcome to attend Parish Council meetings.

Parish Council Member Profiles

Suzi Noel  is our Coordinator of Religious Education She can be contacted at  859-760-1376.

Pam Saylor has been a parishioner and teaches our children on Sundays for many years.


Bren Murphy has joined the Parish Council as of July 2018.

“Katie” Clemons has been on the Parish Council since July 2015. Katie is president of the council. She can be reached  by phone at 859-824-4752 (h)/ 859-393-4147 (c).

Judith Kirk is an ex-officio member of the Parish Council and serves as the council liaison to the Deanery meetings.  Judith can be reached at 859-824-1753.

Roger Frisch has joined the Parish Council since July of 2016.

Ken Henke has been helping the parish for 14+ years.

Pat McDonough has been on Parish Council since July of 2015.  He can be reached at 859-866-4262

Scott Lengle has been with us for a couple of years and is always ready to help out. He is secretary for the council.