I am absolutely amazed at the efforts to keep safe during this covid-19 pandemic.  Daily broadcast from our political leaders telling us what we need to do. Correction, what they will let us do. Everyone is trying to be safe. We keep our distance, wear masks, stay at home, miss loved ones who do not live with us, all in case someone might have the virus. Closed churches, schools, playgrounds, campgrounds, stores, and restaurants are all an effort to be safe.  All of this is an effort to save thousands of lives.

     The stress on the economy is immense.  Stock markets are dropping, 401K retirements savings are taking a beating.  Unemployment is soaring. People are doing without because of panic buying of items such as toilet paper and cleaning wipes.  We are not sure what the outcome will be when it is all over.

     The biggest problem I have is when I think of all the concern over living people while over 600,000 babies are aborted every year!  That is roughly 1,751 babies murdered every day.  Back in 1990 it was over 1,429,000, roughly 4,014 per day.  Now, I do understand, they are not voters.  They do not have conversations with others or complain about their treatment, nor are they social influencers or politically correct.  Who will have briefings about them?  Who will stand up and say: We must do something to protect these people?  When will the government give stimulus check for the prevention of abortions?

     Now, being a sinner myself, no matter how much I try, it would not be my place to point a finger.  I cannot judge someone for having an abortion.  That is something between them and God.  What I can do is pray.  Pray for the souls of the babies.  Pray for the people who think abortion is the answer to a life changing problem. Pray that God in all His glory will put a thought in their heads that this is not right. Pray for the kids who think this is acceptable. Please help them Lord.  I can speak up when the issue is raised. I cannot worry about upsetting anyone, it is my responsibility to teach others about right and wrong and what God has promised if we only follow His commandments.


Thank You God, for everything

I am often in awe of our amazing Creator and Savior and Spirit.  As I think about so many times I repeat something I’ve heard or read, there are some things that cannot be improved upon. Those would be the things inspired by Scripture. The gospel of the Lord, which is so perfect and complete.


To the One who takes care of us and our lives so we do not have to worry about anything…   Our Father,

He who lives in a place so wonderful we cannot even imagine its wonders and glories and the place we want to be more than anywhere… Who art in Heaven,

He, who at the sound of His name, every knee should bend and every head should bow and eternal glory to Him because it is the most holy of holy names that could come from a mouth… Hallowed be thy name.

Sooner or later we will all get a chance to go to the place of perfection and purity, mercy and love, to live an eternity in heavenly bliss… Thy Kingdom come,

To serve you right, we must show kindness, love, and mercy to all of your people whether they be friends or enemies. …Thy will be done,

We cannot wait for your kingdom of Heaven, we must start here on Earth, showing mercy and love to all of those in need… On Earth, as it is in Heaven.

Please make sure we have all that we need to get through today in a manner that complies with your will… Give us this day, our daily bread,

If we sin and offend you, please show mercy and forgive us. We will make sure to treat those who offend us in the same manner and forgive them for their offense to us… Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us,

Please do not allow us to get into any situation that would tempt us to sin against you or one of our neighbors… Lead us not into temptation,

Please keep us away from anything that is not of You. Save us from the things that are not Your will, and those who would have us go against Your will…  but deliver us from evil.

I believe in You, and in everything you created, and everything you say in the gospels… Amen


Thank You God, for everything!

There is one name above all names, my will I give to Him,

That He will be my shining Light, not ever growing dim.

I find great comfort in His name, my head will ever bow,

To think that He has always been, tomorrow, then, and now.

The Most Holy Name of Jesus, my lips ever proclaim,

Thank you God for allowing me, to say His Holy Name.



There is one name above all names, my comfort lies within,

I shout it from the highest peaks, to not would be a sin.

And when I look deep in a heart, I find Him looking back

He gives me mercy and His love, that I might keep on track.

The Most Holy Name of Jesus, my lips shall never shame,

Thank you God for allowing me, to say His Holy Name.


There is one name above all names, it sounds to me so sweet,

He loves us so very deeply; it really is a treat.

I rest my soul in His sweet care, may Him I always serve,

And grateful be all of my days, and not what I deserve.

The Most Holy Name of Jesus, my lips shall ever proclaim,

Thank you God for allowing me, to say His Holy Name.

Thank You God, for everything!

And so, as we come again to October, it is time to pray the Rosary.  

This can be a little intimidating if you are not used to it.  I don’t know the mysteries, or I don’t know how to start and finish. This could be true, but if you want to know what the day is going to be like so you can go outside prepared for the weather, you look up the weather report.  Do the same for the Rosary. – google it! there are so many wonderful sites that will teach you. Some will even pray with you or you can add into a Rosary already in progress. One of my favorites is  http://www.theholyrosary.org/they have all of the prayers and how and when to say them.  It only takes about 15 minutes per set of mysteries.  It really is easy with just a little practice! The benefits of praying the Rosary are astounding! You will feel an inner peace,  you will feel graces gifted from God through the holy Mother. It will help you focus on your goals. The Rosary is one of our most powerful prayers. Remember to ask the Blessed Mother for her help.

The only way to Heaven is through Jesus, and you can get to Jesus through His mother’s help.



Thank You God, for everything!

How lovely is the bow of God, what beauty lies beneath,

That He in all of his Glory, to us He did bequeath.

That we should live together, in love and sweet repose,

And love so deeply in our hearts, what’s there He surely knows.

So we should fight the urge for gold, and other Earthly treasure,

Stick with all His Grace and Love, it is God’s only measure.

How lovely is the bow of God, what beauty lies beneath,

Thank you God for everything, at Your feet I place a wreath.

Thank You God, for everything!

Precious Queen, dressed in blue,

Please come to me, and love me too,

Oh Beautiful Lady, kind and sweet,

Help me one day, your Son to meet

Wonderful Mother, good and dear,

Please help me keep, your Son so near.

Marvelous woman, tell your son,

He is for me, the only One.

Dearest Mom, oh sweetest Mother,

Help us all, sister and brother.

Blessed Mother, so true and pure,

Help us to God; and love endure.

Thank You God, for everything!

In the Holy Eucharist, is our thanksgiving;

In celebration we know, our God is living;

The body and Blood, of our True Christ come to us;

It is a miracle, ever so ponderous;

It is no longer just a bit of bread and wine;

It is the everlasting One, ever Divine;

A covenant true, and one not to be broken;

It’s not just a symbol, or even a token;

It is the living Christ, it’s his very essence;

Come to fill our hearts, with his most divine presence;

Jesus come fill me now, with Your love and Your light;

Let me do Your will, guide me to do what is right;

Please stay with me always, in whatever I do;

Never allow me to wander, away from You;

In the Holy Eucharist, is our thanksgiving;

In celebration we know, our God is living!

Thank You God, for everything

                                    St. Joseph


Heavenly Father so good and kind, You brought forth, a righteous man,

Someone on whom You could rely, someone who would follow Your plan.

Your Son You did entrust to him, and with his Mother pure and sweet,

The Son of God held within his arms, from His head down to his feet,

What graces must this man have had, for your family he did protect.

All gifts from You, he was endowed, so with your Love he did connect.

What things could he have taught Your Son, good ethics, patience, or other,

All the while keeping Him safe, protecting both Him and his Mother.

And he now protects our precious Church, keeping it safe from all harm.

Patron saint of laborers too, always ready to lend an arm.

St. Joseph please watch after us, help us keep on the right way,

Loving father, good provider, guide our family day by day.

Thank You God, for everything

Oh cry for the babies, not yet born,

the ones God called to, in the womb,

the one’s whose life, away was torn,

without a marker, or a tomb.

Sometimes taken, without reason,

never making it, to their birth,

never knowing, what the season,

never been named, here on earth.


Oh cry for the babies, life aborted,

whose laughter we will never hear

whose life cannot, ever be sorted,

who no one will, ever call dear.

Pray for the souls, not given chance,

To ride a bike, or make a friend,

That in this life, did not advance,

There is no start, but just an end.


Cry for the babies, that do not sleep,

The ones who never do, get to play,

whose guarding angels,  give pause to weep,

by the souls, that did not stay.

Pray for babies, killed in a hurry

Pray their voices, will give notion,

Pray they don’t, invoke God’s fury,

Pray for an end, to all abortion.

Thank you God, for everything!

Oh most Holy Name of Jesus sweet,

I do find in you, my life complete.

Through Your Name, do we find what is good,

to live our lives, the way that we should.

Through Your Name, do we find salvation,

we are God’s people, His holy nation.

Through Your dear Name, we find love and trust.

To be with You always, is a must!


Oh most Holy Name of Jesus rare,

For me I know, you’ll always be there.

Through Your Name, may I do what is right,

To help my neighbor, to see the Light.

Through Your Name, I will always give care,

with someone in need, please let me share.

Through Your Name, I’ll be kind to others,

And show them love, sisters and brothers.


Oh most Holy Name of Jesus pure,

In Your loving arms, we can be sure.

Through Your Name, to us You inspire,

To do Your will, is our desire.

Through Your Name, may we tell Your story,

To Your Father, we give all Glory!

Through Your Holy Name, may we always serve,

 to earn Your Love, not what we deserve.


Thank You God, for everything


For souls once lost, and some of lore,

for friends and Family, gone before.

For loved ones here, only in story,

pray for them, in Purgatory.

There is a place, to cleanse the soul,

where He makes you, once again whole.

Pray for the souls to make it through,

There really is nothing, they can do.

They count on us to help with prayers,

to get them to, Heaven’s own stairs.

The souls are cleansed, in burning fire,

get to God, their only desire.

Pray them through, so they don’t stay,

Pray for them, pray, pray, pray.

Pray to God, to let them through,

Then ask in turn, they pray for you.

They need our prayers, it is not a bother

we need these prayers, to get to the Father.

Oh Lord in Heaven, please let them through,

to spend eternity, there with You.

Ask them then, to pray for me,

So with You, I can also be.


Thank You God, for everything

How Joyous would our life be,

           if we prayed the Rosary.

 When Gabriel did announce to Mary,

           that God’s child she should carry.

When she said God’s will be done,

            her reign as Mother had just begun.

She took herself, scared but strong;

             to her cousin, six months along.

When she arrived, the sound of her voice,

             made the baby, in the womb rejoice.

In Bethlehem, she did give birth,

             to the One, who is beyond all worth.

The Angels sang, the shepherds prayed,

             the baby Jesus, in his manger laid.

The baby Jesus, to the temple went,

              Mary and Joseph, to God did present,

But Simeon saw Him, and thanked the Lord,

              but for Mary, he saw a sword.

In the temple He was lost for days,

              the priests and elders, He did amaze.

Three days later, He was found,

              teaching others, safe and sound.


How Luminous would our life be,

                if we prayed the Rosary.

To the river Jordan he did go,

                so that Baptism, we would know.

How I love Him said the Host,

                and they all saw the Holy Ghost.

Of Him, Mary, made a request,

                to help the couple, would he do His best.

Water to wine He did make,

                and helped them, for His Mother’s sake.

In one sermon, Jesus did perceive,

                that we should all, repent and believe,

The Kingdom of God, is close at hand,

                He wanted us, to understand.

Up on the mountain, Peter, James and John,

                followed Him, and He led on.

Elijah and Moses appeared with Him,

                 the glow about Him was not dim.

To us he gave, at His last meal,

                 the path He would take, He did reveal.

His sacred body, and blood He gave,

                 in the name of love, for us to save.


How Sorrowful would our life not be,

                 if we prayed the Rosary.

In the garden of Gethsemane,

                He did pray on bended knee.

The Passion began, we do know this,

                  it all started, with a kiss.

To a pillar, he was tied,

                   lashed with a whip, He did abide.

So stood a Lamb with His flesh ripped,

                   while in His pain, His blood dripped.

They turned Him over to Pontius Pilate,

                    the Son of Man, they did violate.

A crown of thorns, pressed to His head,

                   it would soon be over, He would be dead.

On His back, they threw a cross,

                   He gladly took it, but his strength was lost.

Console the women, meet His mother,

                   He could do it, not any other.

The Lamb was nailed, and hung to die,

                    a darkness spread across the sky.

And in the tomb, the lamb was laid,

                    a gift to us, our debt paid.


How Glorious would our life be,  

                    if we prayed the Rosary.

God raised Him up, from the dead,

                    how do we know, because He said.

He came back on the road to Emmaus,

                    our saving Lord, so victorious.

Teaching disciples to understand,

                    all he had said in this holy land.

Share and love, without dissension,

                    it was now time, for His ascension.

Sent from heaven, the Spirit came,

                    above their heads, a cloven flame.

He brought them courage to go out,

                    and tell of Jesus, to those about.

And when on Earth, her life was done;

                    She went to Spirit, Father, and Son.

Body and Soul, she went above,

                    to live forever, in God’s sweet Love.

Queen of Heaven, she reigns on high,

                     to help us all, by and by.

For love of Son, and any other,

                     She is to us, our heavenly Mother.


Thank You God, for everything!

That God is good, there is no doubt.

He makes me feel, that I should shout.

When I am scared, I just cry out,

Oh Lord my God, what’s this about?

He says to me, that I should sprout,

And be for Him, a faithful scout.

I bring no pride, I bring no clout,

If not for Him, I am without.

That God is good, there is no doubt.

My faith in Him, forever stout.


Thank you God, for everything!

There is terrible news coming out of Pennsylvania the past couple of weeks.  News that almost makes one feel embarrassed to be a Catholic.  Terrible, yet good for those who were abused. It is finally out.  Those poor victims need our support  and prayers to start healing. Please pray for them.  

Pray that the leaders in the church who covered such things up, resign.  They cannot be allowed to be leaders anymore. They let us down.  There are far too many Catholics trying their best, in a search for Jesus who are let down because of such people.  Far too many people who believe and far more numbers of priests who are just torn apart by what we are finding out. How could this happen right under our noses? 

This is terrible news.  Let us not give up though.  To say this is Catholicism would be like saying because some people drive drunk, all drivers are drunkards.  Most Catholics  as well as most Priests, are horrified at these stories.  Please pray for the victims! 

Now is the time to be leaders in our Faith, not leavers of our faith. Let us find ways to monitor and protect the future children and and those who would be victims from these kinds of horrors.  There are so many wonderful things in this world that God has given us. Let us not lose our path to Him.

Thank you God, for everything!

My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord;
my spirit rejoices in God my Savior
for he has looked with favor on his lowly servant.

This is from the canticle of Mary in Luke’s gospel (Lk 1:46).  What more needs to be said?  Try praying this when you begin a task.  Put your faith in Him and and watch to see how much better it is with His help!

Thank you God, for everything!

Have you ever thought about how precious the Blood of Christ is? How one drop would be more than enough to save us all, yet, He gave it all for us. He did not hold back and say, well they’re worth this much so that’s what I’ll give, no, He gave every bit of it. How much He must really love us.

When we go to Mass, do we take the host and wine at Communion?  We must quit thinking of it as such.  It is the Living Body and Precious Blood of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.!  He enters our bodies to be one with us. Each and every one of us is a Tabernacle when we leave church.  Go out and share some love and kindness.  Feel His love within you.  God is good!

Thank you God, for everything!

Take some time this month to stop and think about the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  How much He loves you.  He gave His life for you, so that you might live with Him forever.  Now, think about that crown of thorns surrounding His Sacred Heart.  Those are our sins poking into it.  Our sins are just like the thorns of the crown He had on His head, digging deep into His scalp.  Still He loves us!  Think about taking the Eucharist into your body.  The Living Savior within you.  Feel the love that is Him fill you.  Pray the “Jesus” prayer- “Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, have mercy on me a sinner”.  He is within you.  The two become one.  Feel that Joy. Imagine yourself going out today and doing something for one of God’s children, anyone, just help somebody for God.  Let Him know you are one of His.  Let him know that you appreciate all that he has done for you.

Thank You God, for everything!

However can I thank the Lord, for feelings that I’ve had?

How can I thank the Lord for coming when I am ever sad?

How can someone who is like me, to Him ever appeal?

Is it enough to stop and pray or do I need to kneel?

How do I address someone who matters as much as He?

Can He really love someone who is a sinner like me?

The answer is quite obvious, to anyone who tries,

He can, and has, and will, love all under His watchful eyes.

I’ll do my best to tell the world, how wonderful this day,

All praise and glory to the Lord, who has shown us the way,

Thank you God, thank you Jesus, thank You Holy Spirit.

I’ll do my best to spread Your word, to anyone who’ll hear it.

Thank You God, for everything!

Sometimes, nothing says I love you like a good ol’ fashioned hymn!  (Written by Jean Gaignet in 1873)

Immaculate Mary, thy praises we sing;
Who reignest in splendor with Jesus our King.
Ave, ave, ave, Maria! Ave, ave, Maria! 

In heaven, the blessed thy glory proclaim;
On earth we, thy children, invoke thy fair name.
Ave, ave, ave, Maria! Ave, ave, Maria! 

We pray for God’s glory; may His kingdom come;
We pray for His vicar, our father, and Rome.
Ave, ave, ave, Maria! Ave, ave, Maria! 

We pray for our Mother, the Church upon earth,
And bless, dearest Lady, the land of our birth.
Ave, ave, ave, Maria! Ave, ave, Maria!

Thank You God, for everything!

This month , we focus on the Holy Eucharist.  How wonderful that we are able to become tabernacles of Christ!  How much He does for us! All we need to do is follow His lead, love one another, be good to one another, love God above all else. How easy that really is!

The other night, while we were out having dinner, someone told me that Chick-fil-A was going to open on Sundays now. My thought was- that’s a shame, they gave into the money side.  We finished dinner and went home, but that thought would not leave me. On the seventh day He rested… Keep holy the Sabbath… Work six days a week but rest and worship God on the Seventh.  It is so easy, have all you want but save Sunday for the Lord.

When I was a boy, Sundays were special.  Get what you need from the store by Saturday because they would be closed on Sunday and you would have to do without. OMG! Somebody would have to do without! Sundays were family days.  Spend time relaxing, enjoying their company, thanking the Lord for so many wonderful people, and gifts, and weather, and everything. Life seemed more simple then.  It wasn’t though, it is us that complicates it.  We want more. More toys, more cars, more homes, more phones, more social networks, more, more, more.

I was listening to Bishop Robert Barron yesterday, he was talking about Jesus in the temple.  He was turning the tables over and telling them what a market place they had made of the temple. Well, he mentioned that “we” are temples. Are we turning our temples into a market place?  When Jesus comes into your temple, does he find it as a temple or a market place? Is it organized? Are we worried about money or other worldly things? If we don’t clean it, we may forget what it is supposed to be like, and it will seem right.

One thing we can do is to make sure that when we interact with others, we watch our language. Are we giving God his due praise, or are we cursing that fool who didn’t do what we thought they should?  Do we keep Sunday as a day for the Lord?  Do we take the time to love one another as we should? Remember, Jesus is within each and every one of us, do we treat him right?

I know that I am going to do my best to clean my temple. I am going to do my best to keep Sunday for the Lord. I am going to do my best to find Jesus in everyone and treat Him right.  I am going to do my best to remember that God didn’t promise convenience, He promised a path to eternal happiness. It is up to us to follow that path.


Thank You God, for everything.

When in life, you come to a fork in the road,

sometimes it’s not easy to choose by a code.

Search your soul deep for the answer you need,

Ask God for the help to choose your next deed.

He will tell you true, what it is you seek,

All you must do, is be humble and meek.

For God just loves you and he doesn’t care,

what it is that you eat, or what you wear.

All He cares for is what lives in your heart,

Love for a neighbor, did you do your part?

There is some good news,  that is He will forgive,

If you by His laws, will just choose to live.

He made all the heavens, he made the Earth,

He made the happiness, He made the mirth.

He made all the beauty, because He can,

He made each one of us, woman and man.

If at that fork, you’re wondering still,

Just try asking, God, what is your will?

Thank You God, for everything!

Lent is upon us.  Are we making sacrifices to improve ourselves? Have we gladly given something up to help our well being?  Are we doing so Joylessly, or joyfully?  Do we sound a little like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh? Oh no, I have to give up meat on Fridays,  oh, woe is me, see how I suffer for the Lord?  Or, do we say, “Thank You Lord for the opportunity to show You how I love You. This will just be between us, okay? I wouldn’t want anyone to feel like I was trying to keep up, or out do them.  This is just for You and me.”  Are we taking the time to say thank you to the Lord for all he has done, is doing, and will do for us?  By the way, Lord, what a beautiful sky You painted last night!  Thanks!

Thank You God, for everything!

God is Love!  A statement I’ve heard many times.   Imagine if you can for a minute, the good feeling you have when you interact with a loved one. That person who is so dear to you that just being near them makes you feel better.  Or, how about when you look into a strangers face and find the good in them.  That is the “God” part, that good feeling.  But, let us not forget that He is within us as well.  Everything we do well, every time we make someone feel good just by being with us, every time we make a stranger feel good by helping them or listening to them, all of these things are God pouring forth from us.

It is often easy to forget as we strive to improve our own faith and achieve a heavenly goal, that we ourselves have gifts from God.  Every talent we are given, every good feeling we have is from God.  He spills out from us onto the rest of the world.  There is so much pure good in God that he cannot be contained within our mere selves.  He must be shared with others. After all, we are all created by Him.  Such is the Love that is God.

If we think about this, it doesn’t take long to realize some of our own follies.  If we consider what will have any meaning in the end, how trivial will our own problems be.  He gave his only Son for our sins, and we worry if God is waiting for you to type “amen” on Facebook?  Do you think he will strike you down if you don’t “share” it to prove your love? Does it matter who did it, or bought it first?  I don’t think so!   

 I think what will really matter is how we treat our enemies, people we just don’t know, and the needy.   What will matter is if we can walk up to someone and say ” I’m sorry if I offended you, I did not mean to.  What can I do to make it up to you, or, how can I help you?”, or something along those lines.  Be kind to one another because God is spilling out of them from somewhere too!  Anything good at all comes straight from God.  He is there. You know He is because He is all good, all the time, and always will be.

Thank You God, for everything!

How precious is the Christmas season, how beautiful the lights.

How wonderful are the stars that shine, and light up all our nights.

To give a gift and see the joy, upon that dear someone’s face,

Is all you need to be assured, that you’re in a wondrous place.

How good it feels to give a gift, to your friends and family,

To know the love, and feel the joy, of each special one you see.

It warms your heart and stirs your soul, to feel the sweet love inside,

It is a gift from God above, by whose rules we should abide.

And in the night, a virgin gives birth, to the most Holy One,

It is a gift from God Himself; He gave us His only Son!

Thank you God for all you’ve done, that brings us this Christmas season,

I know at last that it is true, You are the very reason!


Merry Christmas to all!


Thank You God, for Everything

You know, it is a shame that I did not pay better attention to learning my religion when I was young.  So many opportunities that slipped by me, and me, none the wiser for it. How many times did I think I knew it all?  How many times was I bored with discussions and homilies about religion?  How many times did I justify what I was doing so it was not a sin?  That is hearing without listening.

  I am reminded of the quote “Lord what silly fools these mortals be” from Shakespeare’s- A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  I once had a discussion with a young man who told me he didn’t believe in religion, just God.  He was the youth minister at his church. I felt sorry for that church.  I am grateful to that young man for helping me to see how silly my justifications were.

As I got older, I felt the need to return to “my” church. I found myself yearning for the parables of the Gospels.  I missed the ceremony of Mass. I missed Communion.  I have been back for several years now, and have grabbed many opportunities to learn more about my faith.  The more I learn, the more I want to learn, the more I love.  I have learned that I too, a sinner, can work towards being holy.   God wants us to be holy. I too can share in God’s love.  You can too! 

It is easy to be with those you love, as it is God’s love you feel. Now take that love to someone you do not care much for.  Force yourself to do it.  Look for that which is God in that person.  It is there. Just as God gives each of us special gifts and graces, He also gives to them.  He created us all.  Find that grace or gift and build on it.  That is our Church! It is not a building, the building is a place for us to gather and worship. As we share in His Eucharist, we become a tabernacle of Jesus.  He is in us, and with us, and together we are His body, His church. It is up to us to bring others into His love.  We can help shepherd His flock home.


Thanks You God, for everything

Purgatory has always been kind of scary for me. I have not been a big fan of thinking about it.  Probably because I am a sinner and have got to have my soul cleaned before I can go to my Lord and Savior.   I believe it was Saint Teresa of Avila who had a vision of Souls going through Purgatory.  They all had smiles on their faces as they were waiting to enter into the Kingdom of God. They cannot pray for themselves, or do anything else but wait to be cleansed and gain entry to heaven.  That is why we must pray for them. Pray for them to be given entry to heaven and once there, they can pray for the remaining Souls in Purgatory to be released as well, including us.

I worry about the forgotten Souls that have no family to pray for them. Who will pray them through? Who will make sure they get through?  I should pray, as we all should.  And, it is the same with the homeless people.  Maybe they have family but their families don’t even know they are gone.  We should pray for them too.  We should pray for all of the Souls in Purgatory. When they get through, they can pray for us.

When I meet Jesus for my judgement, will He know me? Have I done enough for His people here on Earth?  Will He say that there are people who will say, Lord, he helped me?  Or, will He say I do not know you and send me off to and eternity of”wailing and grinding of teeth”?  I know that I’m going to do my best to make sure.  When I meet my Lord and Savior, I want him to say yes, I know you,  you’re the one who won’t leave me a day without praying about those Poor Souls in Purgatory.  I will let them all through. Welcome, my good servant and faithful follower. I Love You!

Thank you God, for everything

As I try from day to day,

Doing what is right by Your plan.

Let my thoughts, not go astray,

Guide me Lord, oh Son of Man.

Oh my Lord, please hear my plea,

Let me not, away from thee!


Keep me warm, in all Your love,

Teach me oh Lord, how to pray.

Keep me safe with You above,

Guard my mouth, from evil’s say.

Oh my Lord, please hear my plea,

Let me not, away from thee!


Help me Lord, forgive my foe,

Sister, friend, or any other.

Let me not, slight those I know,

Pray for me oh Blessed Mother.

Oh my Lord, please hear my plea,

Let me not, away from thee!

Thank You God, for everything!

This is the month to focus on the Holy Rosary.  When is the last time you prayed the Rosary? Do you know that the three “Hail Mary”s at the start of the Rosary are for an increase of faith, hope, and charity?

 One day, when my wife and I were camping and we went to a church we were not used to, they had a visiting Priest from a foreign country.  He  spoke on the Rosary in his homily.  He spoke of praying the Rosary enough.  There was never enough. He ended by saying that we should pray the rosary four times a day, at least.  I chuckled to my wife as we left the Mass that day,  when in the world would anyone find that kind of time? I mean, four Rosaries a day? No way!

But, as the Lord often plants a seed, so it began to grow. I started saying a Rosary on the way to work each morning as I drove my 37 minute commute. I had plenty of time.  Well that is good, I thought.  I’ll get one a day in. Wait a minute though, I have to go home, don’t I? I started praying one on the way home too.  And in my mind, I heard “four a day”. It can’t be done , I thought.

After a few weeks, I realized that one Rosary on the way home went faster than halfway. So why not try two on the way home?   That works!  But three is the most I can do. Well I do have a long lunch, and what better way to spend the second half of my lunch squeezing in a Rosary. Huh, four a day! 

I now know all four sets of Mysteries and meditate on them five days a week.  I usually only can get one in each day of the weekend- right now, but that is always open to change. I measure short trips in Rosaries and half -Rosaries. It has become a source of pleasure just to try and get one in from here to there! So many Graces can be obtained as well as indulgences.

The the most important part is the opening of my eyes, the mercy in my heart, the surge in my faith, and the hope of an eternity in Paradise serving God.  How good it feels to pray the Rosary every chance I get. How great it is to know that it is my choice to do this for my salvation. I choose to serve God.  How grateful I am to have a path to get to heaven, undeserving as I am. Grateful for great people around to help me, and so many God given gifts to get me through life, for nothing can be done without Him.  All graces are God given gifts.


Thank You God, for everything.

God is good, in every way.

He brings me life, day to day.

If I am wrong, He will care.

all my woes, to Him I air.

He gives to me, His warm love.

His Spirit flows, like a Dove.

His will be mine, I do pray.

God is good, in every way.

Thank you God, for everything!

Have you ever lost someone? Someone who was dear to you? Did you ever ask the question why? Oh God, why, why him, or why her, how could you take them from me? I know I have.  When I lost my father, I asked those questions. I could hardly see through the tears to even begin to understand. It hurt. It hurt badly. Why did this happen, what will I do without him? It was a terrible time!

 I have since lost my mother, daughter, mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister, and several others whom I love.  I don’t ask those questions anymore. The difference now is that I think about God. God is love. I think about that feeling when I would be in one of their company and the warmth of their love and how it made me feel.  I try to enjoy those whom I spend time with and love now.  There is God.  He is in the face of each and everyone, if you just look.  I want to be with God. I want to spend an eternity in love.

 I have  learned from our Blessed Mother. She buried her son who was thirty-three. She kept her faith in God. Seven times she had such pains in her heart. Still, she kept her faith in God. She teaches us to do the same.  

Trust in God, obey His will. The rewards will be unimaginable! And, we will one day reunite with our loved ones and love all who we are joined with.  God is good!  Thank you Mary, for showing us the way, through your Son, Jesus.

Thank You God for everything!

A heart so pure, she gave to me,

    the One who died on Calvary.

A heart so true, she gave to me,

    that we might live eternally.

A heart that loves, she gave to me,

     One of the Holy Trinity.

A heart of God’s, she gave to me,

      That her Son, I may chance to see.

A heart of Mom, she gave to me,

       to help me in Gods Family.

A heart of Mary, So pure and warm,

   Immaculate in any form.

Have you ever thought about the Immaculate Heart of Mary? A heart born without original sin, a heart that loves God enough to risk her own life, a heart that obeys God without question, a heart that does not worry about things that are not of God? How much love can such a pure heart have. Love enough to help everyone and anyone that loves Jesus. Love enough to be our Heavenly Mother. Love enough to give us a means to pray ( the Rosary), for what we think we need, and for others.  Love enough to look after all people, like a mother would.  Love enough to show us how we should love God.  Unconditionally.

Maybe we should think about taking her example, and try loving and helping others ourselves?  Try it!  Be good to somebody, give some of your precious time to help someone in need, feed a hungry person, spend some time with an elderly person or recluse . Pray for others instead of your own needs.  Not for any reward, but instead, for the opportunity to just look for the good part of that person, therein is the Lord, therein is the reward.

Thank you God for everything

Did you ever stop and wonder, will Jesus know me?  I will keep going to confessions for forgiveness.  I will keep trying not to sin.  But, when I meet him at the end of this world, will he say Hi to me, or will he say who are you?

    I recently had it pointed out to me, that every mass when “I confess to Almighty God, and to you my brothers and sisters…” that I also state…” for what I have done and what I have failed to do.”  It’s that “what I have failed to do”  that makes me wonder. What have I failed to do?  I’m overweight, Did someone go hungry because of me?  I have everything I could ever want in a house.  Is someone homeless so I could have a good home?  Did I really need that sander, or should I have given the money  to that pour soul who stands at the exit of interstate 75? I really didn’t think about it before! 

I do know that I have a book of instructions (the Bible). There is so much to learn there. If you ever get a chance to do a bible study, please take the opportunity.  It is well worth it. But, in these instructions, there is a definite plan. Love, love everyone, make your enemy your friend, love them. It is easy to stay with friends and avoid those we do not care much for. Wait a minute though, that book says we are to spread the word to those who do not know Jesus. That’s who needs love, not our loved ones on earth, we will have and eternity to spend with them while we sing God’s praises.  It’s the ones who don’t know him that need us the most.  

Try this, just be nice to someone you don’t know.  What ever their response is, be nice, wish them well, wish them a great day. Honestly look for the good parts and build on them. Ask God to bless them and wish them to have a great day. Find the good in them, there you will find Jesus.. That is the opportunity to make sure He knows you.  He will know you by what you do for this person.   Then find another and start all over again! 

Thank you God, for everything!

Oh Precious Blood You gave for me,

When You were killed on Calvary.

Oh Precious Blood that You did give,

So that forever we may live.

Oh Precious Blood that never dies,

In just three days You did arise.

Oh Precious Blood so much alive,

Our faith in You will ever thrive.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus. I’ve heard about that for most of my life. Still, I have sinned and each sin is another thorn in the crown of thorns that circles His Heart. I try to make reparations, but, still, I’ve added a thorn.  Thank God for being so forgiving and loving!  We think of love as coming from the heart. The most important organ to our life. The center of us.  Suddenly, an understanding starts to form in my mind. It was pure love that sent His Son made flesh to us. It was pure love that the Son suffered and was crucified for us and our sins, because it was His Father’s will. How much love must that be?  The Sacred Heart of Jesus begins to mean a whole lot more. He is the most vital organ of humanity, and He is the source of love. He is the Heart of us all!  When you think about the crown of thorns surrounding his heart, the thorns being our sins, how can he keep loving us? Unbelievable! And yet, that is how much He loves us!  He made us, He loves us, He wants us to be with him.  Undeserving as I am, I want to love Him, I want to be grateful for all he has done for me, I want to be with Him. Thank You God for giving us a way, through Your Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus!

Thank you God, for everything!

I Love You Lord Jesus, I thank You today,

For all that You do, and for all that You may.

I pray that You’ll guide me, now and each day,

Let me do what You want, in Your very own way.

A sinner I am, Your forgiveness I pray,

And trying my best, on the right path to stay.

For all that You do, and for all that You may,

I Love You Lord Jesus, I thank You today.

Have you ever thought about the Blessed Virgin Mary?  What must she have been like? How strong of will she must have been.  Just to think that she carried our Lord and Savior!

In order for her to do that, she had to be pure in body and soul. To carry the Word made Flesh, she had to be born without the stain of original sin.  She had to be untouched by man.  She had to obey God’s Law.  She had to give her will to His.

Sometimes, I wonder just how good she must have been.  She had the same problems we all have, and yet she gave of herself to others.  When she herself was with child, she went to help her cousin who was six months with child. No complaining, she served, helped and showed mercy to others. It is what God wants us to do. Serve others, help others, show mercy to all, be humble, the least shall be the greatest.  Find our Lord in everyone, He is there.  She did all of these things and we are called to do them as well.

It is so easy to say. It is so easy to know. Now, we have to do… Now that is the part that seems so hard.  But, it is not. Practice!  Start by thinking about it every chance you can. then, when an opportunity presents itself, do it. Show kindness and mercy to somebody.  You’ll find yourself feeling pretty good. That’s how you know you’ve done the right thing! Practice, practice, practice. Soon, it will become a habit, and a good habit.  A good habit becomes a virtue when it is practiced all of the time.  Thank You God for making it so easy! Please guide me to practice.



Thank you God, for everything!

Can you imagine what it would be like to live somewhere in this world that does not allow you to pray to God? Can you imagine what it would be like to have your life threatened because of your beliefs?  Can you imagine having to find a place to meet in God’s name?  

These places do exist, they are very real.  So much violence by extremists and terrorists who want everyone to be like them or die.  I wonder if I could stand up and be counted as one of God’s children.  Would I say “Yes I know Him” or would I be too frightened to speak. I know which I would like to think I would do. Would He be delighted or would I embarrass Him?

 I pray that I am never put to the test.  I pray for those who are persecuted in His name, that God gives them the strength to endure as He prepares a place at His table for them. And, if ever asked, I pray my answer is:

I believe in God, the Father Almighty,

Creator of heaven and earth;

and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord:

Who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary;

suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died and was buried.

He descended into hell; the third day He rose again from the dead;

He ascended into heaven, is seated at the right hand of God the Father Almighty;

from thence He shall come to judge the living and the dead.

I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Holy Catholic Church, the communion of Saints,

the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body, and life everlasting.


Thank you God, for everything!

Wouldn’t it be great to be like St. Joseph?  

     You know he had to trust in God, and be a righteous man. God wouldn’t want just anyone being the step-father of His Son.  God would need a man he could trust.  Joseph was a descendant of David – Israel’s greatest king, a man after God’s own heart.  He would obey God.  

He was a caring and loving person too.  He could have had Mary stoned to death for being with child and them not married yet- that was the law. But, he chose to be quiet and divorce her later because the child was not his.  This would keep Mary alive as well as help the family of Mary save their reputation.  It wasn’t until an angel of God told him who the child was that he realized what he needed to do.

Do I think it would great to be righteous, caring, and obedient to God, just like St Joseph? You better believe I do! He taught all fathers how to live with their family.  Thank you St. Joseph, for being a great role model and thank you for taking care of our Lord and Savior when He was just a baby.

Thank you God, for everything!

I have sinned, and Jesus called me.

I have sinned, and Jesus called me.

How grateful can I ever be,

For a Lord so loving as is He?

He told me how I could wipe them away,

And in heaven I could forever stay.

He came to Earth to show me He cared,

And the path to get there if I dared.

It’s full of love and laid out straight.

It leads right to Heaven’s own Gate.

Thank you Lord, for all you’ve done,

Thank you God, Spirit, and Son.

When you think of the Holy Family, What comes to mind? Do you think of your own family? If an Angel of the Lord came to you in your dreams tonight and said “Take your family to Canada So they will be safe”, would you?  St. Joseph did (Egypt not Canada).   If you found yourself asleep, and in your dreams an Angel of the Lord came and said “God wants you to have a baby “, would you?  Mary did!

 Sometimes we forget that they were just people obeying God’s will. And in doing so, the Word became flesh. A Son, one in being with the Father and the Holy Spirit.  He who is one with God came to us and had a family, just like ours. A mother, a father, and a child(ren).  And when he went home, He gave us His Mother.

They lived what we live, and they made good choices. They obeyed the will of God. I wonder if I make the right choices each day, do you?

Thank you God, for everything!

In the East, a shining Star,

As if to say, here we are,

With a path to guide, he came to give,

That we in Heaven, might forever live!

Looking over a field of hay,

I did not know what to say.

Slowly I began to pray,

God is good in every way.


He sent his sun for me to see,

Undeserving as I might be.

He sent His Son from above,

He sent to us all His Love.


Looking over a field of hay,

I did not know what to say.

Slowly I began to pray,

God is good in every way.

When I was a child, There was a priest who always asked us to pray for the Poor Souls in Purgatory.  It was a scary place from the sounds of it. I tried to be good so I wouldn’t have to go there. I was terrified of wasting paper because someone once told me that the average person has as many sins on them as pieces of paper wasted and thrown away.  As time went by, the memory of Fr. Connair faded as did the stories of Purgatory and the Poor Souls within.

What happened to those stories, I wonder?  Now that I am an adult, I’m pretty sure I can’t get around it.  One thing I know, I do not want to be a forgotten soul with no one to pray me through.  What can I do?  I can pray for those Poor Souls in Purgatory.  I can pray for them to get though. No Souls should be left forgotten in purgatory. Every single soul is a Creation of God’s, and must be shown mercy and cared for.

If we all started praying for the Poor Souls in Purgatory, how many could get through? Read about St. Gertrude the great and learn the prayer that releases 1,000 souls every time it is prayed. Teach your children to pray for them. Teach them how important it is. then, they can pray for us when we go.  Souls in purgatory cannot pray for themselves,  they rely on others prayers.  If we teach our kids, and they teach theirs, we can keep the wonderful creations God has made flowing into heaven and leave no soul behind.


Thank you God, for everything!

Thank You God for your Son

Thank you God for everyone

Thank you God for Spirit true

Thank you God for all You do!

Do you say the Rosary regularly?  Have you ever tried?  It seems like a lot of praying time, doesn’t it? It’s hard to get that much time all at once, isn’t it?  You think?

Not really.  You can say the whole Rosary in just 20 minutes or less.  Try it, say a decade and see how long it takes you, next time say two.  You’ll find it really does not take long at all!   And, oh how perfect it is!  

You hit all of the main characters of our salvation!   You pray to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  You honor the Blessed Mother and invite her to help you and pray for you. You pause to reflect on five major events in Jesus’ life at the start of each Decade.  There’s Joy, Sorrow, Luminescent(Light), and even Glorious events, all for our benefit. Thank you Lord!  All of this, can be yours, in just fifteen to twenty minutes.  You will find much more peace and joy with in yourself when you take the time to pray the Rosary, try it.  Life is good! God is good.




Thank you God, for everything!

Can you imagine the pain a mother goes through when she loses a child?  What if , when the mother took the child to be baptized, a trusted friend said, “Hey, I had a dream that a mob would turn on your baby and cause his death.”?  Imagine a mother having to take her family and flee to a foreign country with nothing but the clothes on their back. What if, when they headed home, she thought her baby was with somebody in the family and when she got there, he wasn’t with them at all? Imagine her seeing her child marched down the road to be put to death, watching him die, then having to bury him.

Could we endure such things?  Would we still be faithful?  Would we still love?

These are the seven sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mother. Through all of this pain, She trusted.  Through all of this pain, She endured. By her sorrows, we have been given a path to Salvation! By her faith, she gave us her Son.  By her Son, we are saved!

Thank you God, for everything!

Did you ever stop to think about Mary as the Immaculate Heart? What would an immaculate heart be? It would be without a flaw, without a mark, without any sin, without anything that would make it less than pure! It would be a heart full of God, and, God is Love!  And Love is what brought our Savior to this world. Love of us.  

 The Sacred Heart conceived by The Holy Spirit within The Immaculate Heart.  One Heart, One Love, One God.  

Now, if you have a child or children, think about how you love them and only want the best for them.  It is easy to overlook any setbacks or shortcomings they may have because you Love them. Now think about that Love.  That is our Love, and we do not even have a pure heart.  Imagine how much more the Blessed Mother must Love us with a Heart so Pure!  

It soon becomes easy to think about how, no matter which way you turn, you run into Love when you think of the Most Blessed Mother. Don’t forget to pray for her help. She wants us all to join her Son in heaven.  She will help!  


Thank you God, for everything!

What if today was your last day here on earth?  Did you remember to tell those you love that you do indeed love them? Did you leave your friends with a positive impression? Will they say: ” I will miss your friendship” or ” you loved and believed in God?

It’s not really that hard.  Treat people like you love them, like you care, everyday.  Ask someone how they are doing, but don’t just keep going, wait, to hear the answer. You can make someone feel better just by taking the time to care.  It is often said that we will all meet Jesus at some point in our lives. Think about it, that bum or child, you know, the one you ignore because you feel uncomfortable, it might be Him.

You can be a positive influence on so many people just by being positive, and happy, yourself.  Enter a room with a great big HELLO. Laugh out loud, talk to strangers. Warm the room up with your presence!  

These are the things that will matter.  When you stand before the Lord, do you think he will care that you clicked “Like” on Facebook. Or, will he care that you were good and kind to others?  Love is the best of the many things to be thankful about.  Love is the real Treasure of Life! 

Thank you God, for everything!

Did you ever compliment someone on their child, whether it was behavior, talent, knowledge, or temperament? Has anyone ever paid you a compliment on your child or children?  Sometimes you feel the need to spread the joy you feel about someone. Who better to tell than their parents? What a good feeling it gives you!

Did you ever take the time to do the same for our Blessed Mother?  Did you ever take the time to think (or pray), Thank You for Your Son, and for all You did to bring our Savior into this world?  Or, what a great Son You have, or even, what great things Your Son has done for us. Thanks, I just wanted to let You know.  Wouldn’t that make Her feel good too?

Think about how in her day, women who were with child, not their husband’s, were stoned to death.  God said “Will You?”, She said “Yes”!  Why? Because She Loved Him. Think about  this person with the Immaculate Heart. How special She must be! And, She loves us too. She wants us to be with Her, and Her Son.   She will Help us to get to Heaven.  Pray the Rosary when you can.

Thank you God, for everything!

Did you ever stop and think about all of the time you spend getting somewhere, or something?  You actually spend more time on the journey, or chase than with the sought after prize. You can rush to a restaurant to get a good seat, or quick service, or to make sure they haven’t run out of your preferred food. You get aggravated by traffic, lights, people in your way, hurry hurry!  

     What if you slowed down? What if you enjoyed the trip? Look beyond the traffic light while you are waiting for green. You may see a beautiful sunset, or skyline, or a beautiful child in the car next to you.  It is always nice to see happy children.  Don’t floor the gas when it goes green, take your time, let someone over in front of you. What a good feeling! 

When you are sitting in the waiting area,  smile and speak to someone there. How wonderful is it to spread some cheer? If you get a poor response, pray for them. They are most likely in need, (or at least in a rush).  Be kind, it is contagious.

After all, isn’t this Life?  Didn’t the King of Kings come to the lowest of places, not to eat the best or get what He wanted?  He came to Love!  He loves us and He saved us! He did all of this without being in a rush. Even with the short time He had here on Earth, He didn’t rush, He didn’t come for the best meal, He prayed for the needy, He loved.  How wonderful!

Next time, try enjoying who or what you meet along way.  What a great time you’ll have.  

Thank you God, for everything!