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Liturgical ministers are scheduled on a monthly basis.  The Lectors, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Altar Servers and Greeters are all listed on the schedules attached below.  Lectors, EMHC, and Greeters are scheduled by Cindy Nalle.  Servers are scheduled by Deacon Mike. If a minister is not able to fulfill their obligation, they should try to find a replacement. Those wishing to serve in these capacities should notify Deacon Mike or Father Hils to arrange for training.


Saturday 4:30 PM Mallie Bates Pat McDonough Jack Hoh   VOLUNTEERS
12/9/2017   Giovanni Andrew PLEASE STEP UP
    Ashley Abell    
Sunday 10:30 AM Emma Gutman Judith Kirk Michael Browne Sara Browne Brian Amon
12/10/2017   Aaron Gutman Suzanne Noel Dennis Sullivan Sunshine Amon
    Ethan Gutman    
Saturday 4:30 PM Pat McDonough Kathy McDonough Patti Merz   VOLUNTEERS
12/16/2017   Ashley Abell PLEASE STEP UP
    Aubrey Abell  
Sunday 10:30 AM McKenzie Clemons Roberta Poole Hanna Tomlinson Vicki Tomlinson Mary T. Clemons
12/17/2017   Emily Davis Dan Clemons Kim Albers Michael Kroetz
    Tyler Clemons    
Saturday 4:30 PM Mallie Bates Stephen Bates Cindy Nalle   VOLUNTEERS
12/23/2017   Travis Schultz PLEASE STEP UP
    Giovanni Andrew    
Sunday 10:30 AM Travis Hodges Cathy Davis Brian Amon Sunshine Amon Hodges Family
12/24/2017   Serena Hodges Judi Lucas Mike Lucas  
    Holten Schultz    
Christmas Eve 5:30 PM Ben Cross Kathy McDonough Sara Browne Michael Browne VOLUNTEERS
12/24/2017   Abby Cross Dennis Sullivan Suzanne Noel PLEASE STEP UP
    Julie Herrmann      
    Jessica Herrmann    
Christmas Eve MIDNIGHT Pat McDonough Stephen Bates   NEED ONE VOLUNTEERS
12/24/2017   Mallie Bates PLEASE STEP UP
    Travis Schulcz  
    Giovanni Andrew    
Saturday 4:30 PM Ben Cross Pat McDonough Patti Merz   VOLUNTEERS
12/30/2017   Giovanni Andrew PLEASE STEP UP
    Travis Schulcz    
Sunday 10:30 AM Joe Herrmann Donna Riley Hanna Tomlinson Vicki Tomlinson Mary T. Clemons
12/31/2017   Jessica Herrmann Kim Albers Dan Clemons Michael Kroetz
    Julie Herrmann