When mass is said, a special intention is identified for that mass.

You can request to have a mass said for specific people by contacting Carol Rector.  A donation of $10 is suggested for each mass.

Weekly Mass intentions

Weekly Mass Intentions
Sat. 6/12/2021 4:30 PM Dwayne Shearer
Sun. 6/13/2021 8:30 AM t Bill Fitzpatrick
Sun. 6/13/2021 10:30 AM Members of Our Parishes
Mon. 6/14/2021 No Mass Today
Tue. 6/15/2021 8:30 AM For Strength & Help of Our Parishes
Wed. 6/16/2021 10:30 am- St. Johns Members of Our Parishes
6:00 pm- St Williams Munguia Family
Thur. 6/17/2021 8:30 AM Special Intentions of the Parish
Fri. 6/18/2021 8:30 AM t Ricky Mulberry
Sat. 6/19/2021 4:30 PM t Bob Schuck
Sun. 6/20/2021 8:30 AM Members of Our Parishes
Sun. 6/20/2021 10:30 AM t Francis & Ruth Deimling


Jesus, I Trust in You.