NEXT MEETING February 15, 2017 @ 6:30 p.m.




January 25, 2017


The regular monthly meeting of the St. William/St. John Parish Pastoral Council was held on January 25, 2017, at St. William Church, Donnelly Hall, Williamstown, KY, at 6:30 p.m.  Paul Mertz called the meeting to order.


Members present included: Fr. Hils, Deacon Lyman, Paul Merz, Pat McDonough, Kathy McDonough, Ken Henke, Roger Frisch, Pam Saylor, Katie Clemons, Judith Kirk and Scott Lengle


Members not present include: Ted Kaiser, Suzi Noel, and Diane Pettit


The meeting was called to order at 6:30 P.M by Paul Merz.


Fr. Hils opened the meeting with prayer.



Old Business


A.   Dinner with College Students – Five (5) students attended this dinner.  Kim Albers assisted.  Fr. Hils advised the dinner went well and the dinner served as a way to keep the students connected with the Church.


B.   Microphone for Pulpit – The microphone at the pulpit (St. William) has not yet been replaced.  Fr. Hils has authorized for the purchase of a new microphone.


C.   Statue of Risen Cross – The newly acquired statue will be displayed for the Easter Vigil mass and continue to be displayed for approximately six (6) weeks


D.   Website Updates – Agenda and council minutes have been added


E.   Chicken Dinner – No discussion took place regarding this event as it is still in the distant future.


F.    Jazzercise – The first session has concluded and was a success.  The program raised over $200 for the “Raise the Roof” campaign.


G.   Bible Study – Class is still occurring.  Over twenty (20) participants regularly attend.  One class was cancelled due to inclement weather.




A.   Quarterly Financial Report & DPAA Raise the Roof Campaign – Deacon Lyman provided council members with a financial overview of St. William and St. John.  Documents were provided that detailed weekly collections at St. William and St. John from 2009 to present.  Approximately $119,000 is still owed to a PNC bank loan for mortgage on St. William building.  The loan for the fry shack trailer has been paid off.  The money that was going toward this loan will now go to saving for future roof repairs.


The “Raise the Roof” campaign was a success and raised $15,000.  Of note, about $5,000 of this was redirected from weekly offerings to the campaign by parishioners, but never the less, the campaign was a success.


St. William received a donation from St. Vincent DePaul.  This donation was a commercial freezer and a commercial refrigerator to be used during the yearly fish fry.  The pair are valued at approximately $5,000


St. John did not reach its DPAA goal and will have to write a check.  For 2017, the goal is to reach the DPAA goal and with additional monies fix/revitalize the fencing in front of the church.


B.   Broken Statue – The Mary statue took a tumble and was broken.  Fr. Hils advised St. William is going through insurance to finance the purchase of a new statue.  A $1,000 deductible will be paid and a new one will be purchase for approximately $900.  The new statue will then be shipped to Wisconsin for painting/finishing, etc.


C.   Fish Fry – The upcoming Lenten season is upon us.  The fish fry proceeds typically are about ten (10) percent of St. William’s yearly income, so the success is critical.  With this said, we truly need Parish support in this upcoming endeavor.  Council encourages people to participate both in working the fish fry, baking desserts for the fish fry and/or coming to eat!  Please get the word out to friends, neighbors, and family to come to the upcoming fish fry with an appetite.


D.   DRE Replacement – Kathy McDonough is retiring from her position in overseeing the religious education program.  A replacement will be sought in the near future.


E.   Diocese guidelines from the synod in 2007 will be updated and plan to be completed by summer of 2018.  A 67 page annual plan report was sent out to Judith Kirk and Roger Frish for review.  Parish council will review those sections of the plan which have relevance to our parish as needed in future meeting.


Next Meeting -The next meeting will occur on February 15, 2017, at 6:30 p.m.


Motion to adjoin was made by Kathy McDonough and seconded by Pam Saylor at 7:45 p.m.


A closing Prayer was led by Fr. Hils.


Respectfully Submitted,


Scott Lengle, Vice-Recording Secretary